Want to Work Out With Local Athletes and Make New Friends?

Get involved in a group fitness program in Pasco, WA

Trying to find the motivation to work out by yourself can be difficult, but training with a group allows you to enjoy a little friendly competition. Push yourself to meet your fitness goals by attending group athletic training sessions at Haze Powerathletes in Pasco, WA.

Our classes focus on everything from dynamic warmups and mechanics to weight lifting and conditioning. To find out which class you should attend, our experts will help you complete a comprehensive evaluation of your goals and current skill level.

Check out our various classes

To ensure that you or your child is getting the most out of your workout, our group fitness classes are divided by age and ability. Reach out to us if you're interested in joining our:

  • Elementary school training classes
  • Middle school training classes
  • High school training classes
  • Adult training classes
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